Obey To Play: Intro 2 Fetish Training
Presented By Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire, Master Fetish Trainers with Jet Setting Jasimine

Just when you think you’re Kinky, Jet Setting Jasmine pushes you to take it up a notch! Exploring the world of Fetishes can be just as overwhelming as it is fun!  A Fetish Trainer is an intimacy professional that is skilled at helping single and/or couple clients explore fetishes, and King Noire takes a non-judgmental and supportive approach to normalizing some of their client’s most intimate desires and or introduces fetishes in a safe environment. Submissive, dominate and switch roles are awaked through the session. Many are surprised to find out what their role is but once they find it, the real exploration begins. Participants will be able to introduce fetishes to their partner(s) is a fun and interactive workshop.

Jasmine Bio: Jasmine, Co-owner of Jet Setting Jasmine LLC, wise beyond her thirty-something years, has always felt that she was chafing against the societal norms and the structured definitions of a being a woman. Throughout the course of speaking with and counseling other women, she realized that she was not alone.  As a Licensed Clinical Therapist with a Bachelors of Art in Sociology, Masters of Clinical Social Work and Masters in Gerontology, Jasmine has expertly honed her innate ability to support and enrich others. She is a Master Fetish Trainer, award-winning adult actress, founder of Steel and Stilettos Fitness™ and a prominent leader in the areas of Intimacy Post Injury & Illness for Veterans and other affected by trauma.

King Noire Bio: King Noire, on the other hand, is reputed for his sense of delivering individualized relaxation to clients using his special brand of Erotic Touch massage. A veteran adult industry entertainer, he is skilled in fetish training, fantasy work and is a live show performer.  King is also a certified sexpert, a blogger for California Exotics, an award-winning filmmaker and a hip hop artist. A social activist as well, he is using the proceeds from his album “Music Is My Weapon,” to help build a medical facility, fresh water well and school in Guinea Bissau, West Africa.