Get It Right, Get It Tight: Vaginal Weight Lifting With Crystals
Presented By Tiffany Janay, Certified Crystal Healer & Tantra Practitioner With Organic Yoni Eggs

The vagina is a muscle that requires exercise to remain toned, and having a strong pelvic floor increases pleasure, strengthens orgasms and creates a juicier yoni.  Join Tantra practitioner and certified Crystal Healer Tiffany Janay in an interactive workshop to strengthen the vagina.  Several vaginal exercises using Yoni Eggs will be demonstrated to show the power and impact of vaginal weight lifting.  Tiffany will explain how to use crystal energy to tune into the power of the womb while strengthening the pelvic floor.  Come prepared to participate or to observe and learn how vaginal weight lifting is done.

Bio: Tiffany Janay is a world traveling high priestess on a mission to assist women on their journey to realizing their true power.  She is a Lifestyle Consultant that focuses on holistic health and has acquired the knowledge, certifications, and experience to be the perfect guide to her clients and audience. She is a certified Crystal Healer, Tantra Practitioner, Red Tent Facilitator, and Sacred Woman.  As a pioneer in the womb wellness movement, Tiffany Janay aims to unify all women and encourages them to tune into their internal power, ultimately activating their highest and best version of themselves.

Her product, Organic Blood Yoni Eggs is an internationally distributed product and is highly demanded by thousands because of her unique approach and essences she infuses into her brand.   Featured on major press outlets such as Ebony Magazine, Essence Magazine, The Dr’s TV Show, and her charm and knowledge has turned her brand into a household name.